Pikuei Tu, PhD, MBA
Policy and Organizational Management Program, Duke University
美國杜克大學 政策與組織管理研究中心主任和組織管理及國際研究教授


在涂教授的領導下,其研究中心結合國際級的產官學界發展研究專案,並針對政府官員及民間企業的高階領導人,就公部門管理、領導統御、全球衛生、品質及績效評估、顧客關係與行銷 、危機管理、量化方法論、及教育等相關議題上提供量身定製的課程設計和訓練。此中心之特色為,以全方位的整合作法,結合不同領域與跨科系之教學與研究,輔以實地參與和實務交流的方法授課。



Dr. Pikuei Tu is director of Duke University’s Policy and Organizational Management Program and a faculty member at the International Studies and Markets & Management Studies. Duke University is world-renown for its excellence in education, research, and health care. Professor Tu’s teaching and research encompass international development policy, public and private sector strategies, health behavior, organizational behavior, and leadership.

Under Dr. Tu’s leadership, the Policy and Organizational Management Program develops and conducts research projects with academic, public and private institutions; it also provides customized executive education and initiative design for ranking international government officials and private enterprises on a range of topics, including public management, leadership, global health, quality and performance evaluation, relationship marketing, crisis management, quantitative methods, and education. The unique approach of comprehensively integrating a variety of disciplines and methodologies in teaching, research, exchange, and practice is a distinctive feature of the Program.

Professor Tu has more than 25 years of experience in designing custom programs and working directly with international dignitaries such as former Presidents of Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, Constitution Justice of South Africa, and U.S. ambassadors. Her experience also includes consultations with international organizations and research institutes, foundations, non-governmental organizations, public agencies, and corporations. She serves as a board director to the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation. Dr. Tu has also been involved in public service in the local area. She served on the Personnel Appeals Committee and the Pay Plan Review Committee at the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Professor Tu received her doctorate in educational leadership with a concentration on organizations and social behavior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds a master’s degree in international development policy as well as a graduate certificate in Latin American Studies from Duke University, and an MBA with a food and agribusiness focus from Santa Clara University.