Kate McEvoy, JD
Executive Director
National Association of Medicaid Directors
全美五十州醫療保健首長協會 執行長

Kate McEvoy擔任全美五十州醫療保健首長協會(NAMD)的執行長,在該領域擁有超過25年的豐富經驗。NAMD是由州政府領導人組成的專業組織,通過醫療補助和兒童健康保險計畫(CHIP)為全美50個州與哥倫比亞特區,以及美國屬地超過9,200萬個人和家庭提供健康保險。NAMD在核心和新興政策事務方面提升領導性的創新思維,增強醫療補助和CHIP成員的經驗和專業知識,支持州政府計畫持續不斷改進及創新,並優化聯邦和州政府之間的夥伴關係,幫助數千百萬人過上更健康的生活。

Kate曾帶領Milbank Memorial Fund基金會,協助各州高階行政官員和政策制定者及其健康老化政策倡議。在加入該基金會之前,她長期擔任康乃狄克州衛生服務部長,負責領導醫療補助、兒童健康保險計畫和長期照顧及支持工作,同時推動實施Affordable Care Act《平價醫療法案》。在此期間,Kate負責監督該計畫的重大改革,從按論人管理照護模式,成功的轉變為個人保險、論服務計酬的管理模式。這簡化了醫療保險計畫成員與提供者兩方的流程,同時釋放資源於部署更廣泛的照護服務、以價值為基礎的支付以及社會決定因素措施,改善了民眾健康與醫療照護體驗,並使醫療保險計畫能夠降低每位成員單月成本和總體支出。Kate還曾擔任NAMD董事會的董事長和副董事長。在擔任醫療補助主管之前,在州審計長辦公室工作,負責監督州公務員福利,為州健康改革工作做出了貢獻。

Kate早期在康乃狄克州地區機構致力於為長者和身心障礙者服務,是一名具歷練的資深律師,也是該州律師協會長者法分會的前任主席,以及改革小組(Reforming States Group)指導委員會的成員。她擁有康乃狄克大學法學院的法律博士學位,以及奧伯林學院的英語和經濟學學士學位,並且是多篇長者法和臨終關懷的期刊文章和<康乃狄克老年人法>專著的作者。

Kate McEvoy serves as Executive Director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), with the wealth of experience working in the field for more than 25 years. NAMD is a professional community of state leaders who provide health insurance to more than 92 million individuals and families through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories. NAMD elevates thought leadership on core and emerging policy matters, amplifies the experience and expertise of Medicaid and CHIP directors, supports state programs in continuous improvement and innovation, and optimizes federal-state partnerships to help millions live their healthiest lives.

Previously, Kate led the Milbank Memorial Fund’s work in support of state executive staff and policymakers as well as its policy initiatives on healthy aging. Prior to joining Milbank, she was the long-time Director of Health Services for Connecticut, where she led Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and long-term services and supports, as well as implementation of the Affordable Care Act. During this time Kate oversaw major transformation in the program, migrating from capitated managed care arrangements to a successful self-insured, managed fee-for-service approach. This streamlined and simplified the program for both members and providers, freed up resources for an extensive array of care delivery, value-based payment and social determinant interventions, improved health outcomes and care experience for members, and enabled the program to reduce both per member, per month costs and overall spend. Kate also served as president and vice president of NAMD’s Board of Directors. Previous to her service as a Medicaid Director, she contributed to state health reform efforts in the Office of the State Comptroller, which oversees state employee benefits.

An elder law attorney by training, Kate’s early career was dedicated to working with and for older adults and people with disabilities at the Connecticut Association of Area Agencies on Aging. She also served as a past chair of the Elder Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association and on the Steering Committee of the Reforming States Group. Kate holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law and a B.A. in English and Economics from Oberlin College, and is the author of journal articles on elder law and end-of-life care as well as the treatise Connecticut Elder Law.